Our Services

We offer a full range of garage services to car owners.

Our service are designed to meet the needs of cars no matter how old they are, condition or history, and all of our work is protected by our Quality and Price Guarantee for your peace of mind..


Oil Change

Oil Change is key to keep your motor clean and appropriately greased up, permitting your vehicle to run all the more productively. Modern oils not only help lubricate the engine but also improve and maintain the functionality of the engine while at the same time reducing damaging buildups.Our trained professional team will also help replace your car’s engine oil filters to help eliminate any contaminants for easier engine cleaning and lubrication.

Break & Suspension

Your breaks are your lifesavers and having them in good shape will help you whenever you drive and have to stop.We replace brake pads, analyze your vehicle’s rotors and, replace brake fluids and carry out flushing. We also handle suspension repair to ensure the tires are even thus preventing against shuddering acceleration, excessive bouncing, harsh or rough suspension, whining during deceleration or acceleration and clunking when stopping or taking off. Don’t ignore it, your vehicle’s brakes are your safety!

AC System Repair

our car’s A/C system is very important as it not only helps provide comfort to you and other passengers but also the engine.Our professionals will help check the condenser, compressor and evaporator to ensure that the serpentine and drive belt are properly working and deal with any leaks, damages and cracks in all the accessible components.

Electrical & Mechanical repair

Make sure that all the electrical and mechanical aspects of your vehicle are in good condition and free from any issue. We offer detailed electrical and mechanical repairs to help your vehicle move again without any problems. We offer electrical and mechanical repair services including: • Light adjustment • Starter repair • Alternator repair • Fastening of electrical wires, • Cleaning of ends and connectors, • Insulation and much more. We have a team of professionals to help make this work faster and highly professional.

Engine & Transmission repair

Your car engine determines whether you will enjoy your day to day rides or not. As such, it should be in good condition at all times.A properly repaired engine will serve you longer and also prevent against costly inconveniences and fuel consumption. You can trust ETA workshop to handle all your engine and transmission repair needs expertly thus prolonging the life of your car and enhancing its efficiency.

Computerized Diagnostics

Our automatic engine diagnostic system helps diagnose the condition of your car engine thus detecting any signs of damage or inefficiency on different components.Our computer diagnostics & scanning involves technical integration thus making it more complex in pinpointing issues. We use various diagnostic equipment including gas analysers, automotive oscilloscopes and voltage metres for fault finding thus making our automotive services accurate, faster and cheaper.

Detailing & Polishing

Let us do your car detailing and polishing using our high quality products for a better shine. Our team of professionals normally specialize in detailing services that will help correct these issues by cleaning your car using micro-fibre clothes before gently cleansing and treating it with solvents and solutions. We will handle not only your exterior polishing and detailing needs but also the interior aspects as well.

Painting & Body Repair

We are the specialize car body repair and painting in DUbai. We cover everything from simple repair of minor dents and scratches to recovering a severely damaged vehicle to its former glory. Our Professional paint shop department which takes care of all vehicle bodywork painting. All Kind of paint repair, scratch repair, stain removal, full body paint, full body repaint.